The twin tag 👭

Hello my lovelies💋. Today since its my birthday i thought I’d share more about myself and my twin, for those who have no idea whatsoever I am blessed with a twin sister.

Yeees!! there she is in the dark braids 😂😂😂😂.I know the picture is quite goofy but i promise sometimes we have our moments😋. So officially, my name is Wendy, Mimo is a shortform for my second name Wairimu (incase you were wondering). My twin’s name is Brenda and we are not in any way identical.We have very different personalities but we complement each other beautifully in a special way.

She is two minutes older than me and I am way… taller and a bit slender. But we always got each others back through the good, bad and the ugly.We are both law students and also crazy wander lusters 😍😍. I love her so much and I am grateful that I have a best friend for a twin sister.

Remember to like, comment and share. Thank you and I love you to the moon and back for reading this❤❤❤.

Xoxoxo Mimo.

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