The Plant of Immortality 😍

Hey my lovelies💋. Lately,ive been obsessing about my skin and how i should take more care of it,this lead me to go shopping and this was my experience.

So I left my residence and went to the closest store around, luckily for me it was The Galleria Shopping Mall,so the hunt for the best skin moisturer began! I was so amazed at the different variety of products on the display, they were all so attractive but i was more interested with products that were specifically meant for dry skin. That is because i have a dry skin and most people recommend staff like shea butter and aloe vera gel for such skin types.

I was specifically looking for a moisturiser and i ended up settling for the Johnson’s Baby Oil with aloe vera and vitamin E.I figured if its good enough for a baby i bet its good enough for  my face 😄.

I also did some research of my own about the benefits of Aloe vera on the skin and i thought i should share with y’all.

For many years the Egyptians called Aloe vera the Plant of Immortality, hence the heading of this blog post 🙈.But this was not for nothing. This non-toxic catcus from the family of Liliaceae has been gifted with exceptional healing powers. If you don’t belief the ancient civiliziation then you take the word of trusted scientists and studies associated with this research.

The gel that is secreted from this plant is an effective remedy to many of our skin related problems, as it helps cure minor wounds,skin infection, cycsts, eczama among others problems. The medical uses of aloe vera are quite elaborate and impressive.Some of its common uses include the following;

  • Helps cure unsightly acne.

Aloe vera contain two hormone compound that is gibberellins and auxin.These hormones help heal and repair our skins by reducing inflammation. Although, it cannot root out acne completely, one can apply it foe instant relief.

  • Used for sunburns.

The plant is rich in antioxidants and skin nutrients that help your sun affected skin to recover fast. It works on the epithelial level of the skinto act as a protective layer to help cover one from the heat strokes of the sun.

  • Helps moisturize the skin

Aloe vera keeps the skin moisturized all day long ;).If you have a dry skin like myself, this is a bonus and you must try this to help your skin get hydrated.It simply supplies oxygen to the skin to strength the skin tissues hencing its natural glow.

  • Fighting any visible signs of aging.

With growing age,fine lines start to appearon the face by using aloe vera gel you may avoid them quite easily. This is a health alternative to getting botox 😄 just saying…The gel is actually rich in vitamin E and C as well as beta-carotene and these are good preservers of youth.

  • Healthy glowing skin.

Are you looking for that prefect glow on your skin?? Then look no futher, aloe vera is the answer:idea:.It naturally lightens your skin tone by reducing hyperpigmentation as well as the aftermath of sunburns.You can only achieve this by topical application of the aloe vera gel.It removes dead cells and leaves a rejuvenated glowing skin with perfect radiance.

  • Reduces stretchmarks.

The skin loses its elasticity by excessive stretching during weight loss, weight gain or even pregnancy. Due to this stretching, minor cracks appear on the skin and they are no appealing to the sight😣. Aloe vera helps reduce the appearance of stretch marks from popping up to sight.

Wooow!!!! Indeed aloe vera is a plant of immortality as the Egyptian called it. Hope this article helps broaden your awareness of the skin and also help you shop for the best skin care products especially one with aloe vera’s goodness. It has been a nice experience to let you guys into my world and share the preferance of what i use on my skin. I am open to trying out any suggestions and recommendations from you guys, leave a comment on the comment section. Thank you and I love you to the moon and back for reading this❤❤❤.

Xoxoxo Mimo.




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