Your words create your reality.

Hello my lovelies💋.Today I learnt about the power of your words and it was really an eye opening experience for me, i thought i would share it with y’all because i love my readers ❤.

The most powerful thing that God had given us is our mouth.I know right!! Even i was a bit shocked with the statement above.So our words are so powerful that it can work for us or against us, and its all upto us to become our own cheerleaders in terms of what God has put in our heart about our lives.Understand that the enemy will use other people to try and talk us out of our dreams, however,the most influencial words in our lives are our very own.
Terri Foy once said, “If you wanna know where your life is headed, listen to the words that are coming out of your mouth.”If you change what you are saying you will actually change what you are seeing.When we win the battle in our minds we will also win the battle in our hearts😄.Amazing right?However in order for us to achieve anthing we must first believe in the power of our own words……in short, if you believe it will happen if you don’t believe it won’t happen.

A good example was carried out in a hospital where some patients were to undergo surgery on their knees.Some patients went through the real surgery while others went through a pretend surgery,though they were made to believe that they went through the real surgrey.The results of all the patients that under went both the pretend and real surgery were the same.This is because the patients that under went the pretend surgrey actually believed they underwent the real surgrey and they recovered just like the oned who went through the real surgrey.

Vocabulary of Silence.

This simply means that if you don’t have anything positive to say just be silence.This really applies to most of us that sometimes we can’t hold our tongues,me included😒.So although its hard we have to practice the vocabulary of silence.
Use your words as a tool to change your life.

We should use our words as a tool to change our current situation.

A good example of this happened to a blind man who sat at the streets begging. His card was written “I am blind, please help me”.Not many people saw this so they just passed him by.But a young lady went to the blind man,the blind man felt her shoes, she took his sign flipped it and wrote some words on it then she walked away.Later during the day the blind man recieved a lot of donations from many well wishers and a big crowd was gathered around him.The young lady walk to the blind man and the blind man touched her shoes recognised her and he asked her to tell him what she wrote that change the blind man’s reality. The young woman told him that she wrote the same thing but she used different words,which was “Its a beautiful day but i cant see it.”Wow!!!

We should program our minds for greatness and learn that what we say to other people is not nearly as important to what we say to ourselves.How we talk to ourselves actually determines how successful we can be.

So here are a few pointers of how positive declarations over our lives should be like ;

  • It should be positive.
  • It should be personal.
  • It should be in the present tense
  • It should be precise and specific
  • It should be passionate like we already have it.

I honestly hope that this post actually impact on someone’s life as it has on mine.Shout out to my friend Terri Savelle Foy for inspiring me to write this.

Xoxoxo Mimo.

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