How to successfully form new habits.

Well by show of hands how many people have already broken some of their new year’s resolutions? Yeah i thought so too 😅.Today i have some tips that will help you focus and stick to whatever habit you plan to develop, be it exercising,drinking more water or saving more money these tips will surely help you.

Make a plan.

For sure i bet we’ve all heard the saying; failing to plan is planning to fail.Well this applies here too.You have to actually plan or schedule what you will do at a specific period of time and it must be realistic.For example i will go to the gym every weekday at 6:00pm.The time should be suitable for your schedule.

Keep track

You have to keep track of what you are actually doing from start to finish so that you can see the progress. For example, today i skipped rope 100 times,tomorrow i will skip 150 time and so on, as well as recording how much weight you lost in a specific amount of time.

Find inspiration and repeat positive affirmations.

In the previous blog post i talked about positive affirmations and the power they have,if you have not read that yet i will recommend you to please check that out. Anyway, one should find something that inspires you and keeps you motivated to continue with the new habit.For instance, if you want to save money like me, what motivates me is been able to buy good clothing👚👜 and shoes👢,so i save enough so that at least after a certain period of time i will be able to afford what i want😍.


Again, i covered this in my previous blog post, check it out if  you haven’t. As Terri Foy said, “If you believe it, it will happen and if you don’t, it wont happen”.This is so true, once you visualise it, i.e whatever habit you want to form and believe it will happen then trust me it will.For example if your goal was too lose weight, and you believe you will lose weight, you will actually lose the weight.A positive minds helps a lot so stay positive.

Hope this helps y’all, Please a comment, like, share and follow my blog ❤

Xoxoxo Mimo.

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