My Hair journey.

Hello my lovelies💋. So lately I have been a teeny tiny obsessed about taking care of my skin and hair, since i already did a post on my skin (if you have not read it, i strongly suggest you please check it out). I thought today I’d share my hair journey with y’all.

Yaap that’s me!! A selfie I took today randomly😄 lets not talk about my long selfie arm 🙈.Anyway that is my natural look, no makeup and yaap thats my natural hair.I shaved it all in 2014 yes!! i was bald and so far it has grown to a decent size that’s up to my neck.I love wearing it as a big afro as opposed to ponies, i gess its just personal preferance.

First of all for those wondering, im an african woman, so i naturally have an afro-type hair,its super curly and extremely soft.

The major product I’ve been  using on my hair is mainly coconut oil which helps it untangle as well as promotes my hair been soft in terms of texture. I also dont use any heat on my hair.

Im actually open to trying out more hair products and oils that will help my hair growth thicker and longer as well as healthy, so please leave me recommendations on the comment section and I’ll give it a try ;).

The reason why i cut my hair in the first place was because i permed it (worst mistake i have ever made on my head 🙊).It  made my hair lose its curls, the tips of my hair suddenly turned from black to honey and finally i started lossing my hair gradually 😣.My mum opted i should just cut my hair and have a clean start. Although i was not okay with short hair yet alone NO hair, i ended up shaving my head.Looking back now im glad i did it, but at that time i was going through a major crisis, i cried everytime i looked at the mirror especially in school, i gess i felt then, society had an unspoken rule that bald girls were not pretty.

Anyway with time i began to accept and love myself as well as the changes I made.I started becoming more beautiful and attractive in my own eyes and i smiled everytime i looked at my mirror :).I was now in love with myself 😍 and i never became happier in my life.It was so satisfying y’all. Promise to keep y’all upto date with any improvements on my hair.

Xoxoxo Mimo.

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