Get to know me😄 Tag!!!

Hello lovelies💋.Im so happy today and i hope y’all had a lovely day.Today I’m doing a tag, you can probably tell from the title,its a get to know me tag…so that all my readers can really get to know me 😆.

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What is my name?

My name is Wendy Wairimu Githieki. Mimo or Nymo is the short form of Wairimu,(incase you were wondering), of which I use Nymo in all of my social media networks except this one. I also use the name Gwen on all my social media networks because its the abbreviation of all my names and it is my brand name.

G➡Githieki,WE➡Wendy and N➡Nymo;creating Gwen, so Yeey!! for me my abbreviations conveniently form a name….So Gwen_nymo is also my “name”.

What do i do for a living?

I am currently a student in university studying law.This is my Second year. Besides that, I am a blogger and im really enjoying it 😄 thanks to all my readers ❤❤❤.I love you to the moon and back.

Where are you from?

I am a proud Kenyan, I was born and raised in Mombasa 🗾🌞.I have two sisters (one of them is my twin) and a little brother.

How old are you?

I turned 20 on February 8th, it was my first blog post👌

How many languages can you speak?

English and Kiswahili. Though I’d love to learn how to speak Spanish.

What is my favourite food?

Basically, im a foodie🍴 and i love eating all types of food, so its kinder hard for me to answer this. I love fried chicken and chapati.I also love chocolate cakes, milkshakes and yogurt 😍. Oooopsy….. 🙊was I supposed name one food??

What are your hobbies?

I draw, swim, sing and I love traveling.

Samsung or Iphone?

They are both my top favourite brands 😦 but if i had to pick one, it will be a Samsung.

Favourite colour pallet

Black,white,grey,nude, peach repeat 😉

Favourite city in the world?

Cape Town, South Africa; by the way I’ve never been there, but i hope to visit there soon.

Taylor Swift, Adele or Beyonce?

Definitely, Swifty, im a huge fan.

Why did i start this blog?

I have a creative personality and i felt that i wasn’t been expressive enough. I always enjoyed reading other people’s blogs as well as interacting with them.That’s how Mimo’s World came to be.

Who is your ultimate man crush?

Jordan freaking fisher😍😍

Icecream or Chocolate?

Icecream, all day everyday🍦🍧.

So this marks the end of The get to know me tag. Hope y’all can relate better with me after this.I love you to the moon and back for reading this.

Xoxoxo Mimo.

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