Motivation Monday 👊

Hello my lovelies 💋.I’ve really missed you guys so much. Today, I’m so excited that I get to motivate and inspire your Monday 😄. Remember to like, comment and share this post, lets motivate each other and help spread the love and joy to everyone especially those who are going through a hard time.

Okay…today im super happy more than usual 😆(guess it’s God’s favour in my life).Anyway Im going to talk about Audacity. Audacity apparently means insolent boldness.

Having audacity.

Yeah sure, today been a Monday for some of us isn’t our favourite day. Been very busy with work or school,meeting deadlines and what not, to make it even worse it marks the end of the weekend…some of us are a bit hangover. But I hope this post brings a little spark of hope in your Mondays from now on. 🎤Coz i only got one match but i can make an explosion🎵.

Anyway today I learnt the art of having audacity. I mean, the audacity to dream big while my current reality does not seem big. The audacity to expect good results while others are the expecting the exact opposite. The audacity to invest in myself while others think that im wasting my time.Apparently, not everyone will see what you hope for and most will bring you down however they can. Learn that not all, who wonder are lost and just because my path is different from your’s doesn’t mean im lost. Don’t let them get to you!!!!!

Basically what im saying is, we should all train yourselves to have the audacity to believe in our capability to attain great and might things. This gives us hope and motivates us to live each day with joy; knowing that you are going to attract exactly what you expect out of life, both positively and negatively, rather than just barely existing every other year.

So stay positive and have the audacity to dream big and achieve all your goals in life. Keep your heart open to dreams. For as long as there is a dream, there is hope and as long as there is hope there is joy in living 😄.

Xoxoxo Mimo.


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