A word that can change your life.

Hello my lovelies 💋. Today I am so happy that I get to share this important message to all my lovely readers. One word that your not saying as often as it should, that can change your life.

In life, I tend to notice that most of us go on living without saying the most important word…THANK YOU. This shows how grateful you are and Yes! if you didn’t know, now you know ☺. Your welcome.

Thank you is the most important word our mouths could ever utter. This is because it is an expression of gratitude and it shows appreciation. We should practice showing gratitude everyday of our lives to the people who help us, this is very important. It not only shows that are you kind but, you also attract great blessing and opportunities in your life. Count all blessing in your life and just thank God for everything 🙏.

Remember the story of the ten lepers in the bible, Jesus healed the ten lepers and only one of them came back and said thank you. The story does not end there, Jesus told the only man who come to give thanks that he has been restored fully. Restore means to bring back fully that which had been taken. Now, leprosy is a disease that feeds on the flesh such that it consumes different body parts like the fingers, nose, legs and what not.

This means that he was completely healed and no one could ever tell that he had leprosy since all his body parts become as it was in its previous state before he contracted the leprosy.The nine others were healed but not restored. This means that the disease was no longer with them, however they still carried the scars and marks of the disease and anyone could tell they had leprosy once upon a time in their lives.

This teaches us that when we give thanks to God, he restores us wholly such that one can ever tell what strangles we went through in our past. God makes us whole again. So practice to say Thank you for everything even when you thing there is nothing to be grateful for just count all your blessings and give thanks.

I hope this article help you become more grateful and appreciative for all the things you have and those that you are yet to receive. Remember to like, comment and share this post. If you have not followed my blog yet, click on that follow button and join my world.Thank you and I love to the moon and back for reading this❤❤❤

Xoxoxo Mimo.

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