Cheers🍷…to breaking wrong Soul Ties.

Hello my lovelies💋. Today I am going to continue with the topic I initially started, Soul Ties’. This is a continuation covering Breaking Soul Ties’  If you have not read the post about Soul Ties, I recommend that you please check it out before reading this.

How to break Soul Tie.

The soul is made up of the mind, will and emotions; it is how I think, what I want and how I feel.

Have you ever desparately tried or felt like quiting something, not seeing someone but you end up doing it anyway. Despite the effort you put in trying to stop doing it or end it but you still cannot change your situation. Take for example, a dog chained to a pole although it desperately seeks its freedom, it is not going anywhere. This is because your soul has been tied to that other person, deed or act.

A wrong soul tie is one which does not respect your relationship with God or it makes you do things that does not honor God and his plan for your life. Breaking a soul tie is one of the hardest and most painful experiences in life. This is because it is tight and your soul is trying to fight for you to live by what you want, feel and what you think (it’s that tiny sound in your head telling you to keep doing something that you know its wrong 😈)

  • Words of our mouth

This one way to create a soul tie, it done can be through promises and commitments. Remember our words have life as well as power. Take for example, God created the universe with his words (the power of words) and in a wedding ceremony,the couple exchange their vows which unites them forever, this is a soul tie created by the words of our mouth.

So by loosely saying words to someone your dating temporarily like,your the only person I will truly love, no one will ever replace you and so on. These words are so powerful that they bond your soul to them, hence they create a tight soul tie. So later you wonder why even after breaking up or ending your relationship with that person you still cannot get over him/her…..

But do not worry I got you…😆. The only way you can break such soul ties by first seeking God, you can do this by reading the bible daily and praying. You can also ask God to take authority over your mouth as well as your words.

  • Close relationships

This includes relationships with our friends, sibling, parents and what not. They can be good as well as bad soul ties. 1 Samuel 18:1,  ….the soul of Jonathan was knit to the soul of David and Jonathan loved him as his own soul. This clearly shows that David’s and Jonathan’s souls were tied togther because they were close friends, it illustrates how close relationships can form a soul tie.

However, if this close relationship forms a wrong soul tie it is very fatal😵. Take for example, if you have a close friend that will always influence and encourage you to do things that do not respect nor honor God or his plans for your life. Things like smoking, drinking, fornication among others. That relationship is a wrong soul tie!!

Someone once told me that, if God wants to bless you he may bring someone in your life and at the same time if the devil wants to kill,steal and destroy you, he will also bring someone in your life. Be very careful of the company you keep.

How to break this awful soul tie is so simple yet so painful, I won’t lie. Simply break the relationship and keep away from that person completely. Stop texting, calling, going out and talking to that person. Just kill (💣🔫🔪) any form of communication and association with that person completely. At first, I know it is very hard and excruciating but with time and seeking God you will be free from that soul tie. 

Psalms 131;2, Surely I have calmed and quieted my soul like a weaned child with his mother; Like a child my soul is within me. Take for example, a baby’s first day in preschool, she is without her parents and in a new environment. The baby is obviously devastated because she is not used to this and she will probably cry and scream the whole day until pick up time. But as time passes, she gets used to it and even adjust to her new environment by making new friends and she eventually forgets that her parents are leaving her in preschool alone. This is what will eventually happen when you stop communicating with such people, you will move on.

Isaiah 58:11, The Lord will guide you continually and satisfy your soul in drought; and strengthen your bones; you shall be like a watered garden and like a spring of water, whose water do not fail. Just seek God, call unto him and he will answer. Trust me, if He did it for me over and over again, He will surely do it for you :).

  • Sexual Intimacy

This is another way of creating a soul tie. Did you know that every time you get intimate with another person, part of your soul is chipped off and bonds with your sexual patner? That is why sex ought to be done with married couples only. Because it creates a tight soul tie.

Now, imagine all those people who carelessly have sex with multiple sexual partners who are not their spouses, their souls have been chipped off multiple times, meaning they have multiple soul ties 😣. That is why people say comments like, I feel so empty inside and unsatisfied or when married couple are making love to each other, one of them is thinking about an ex-lover.

How to break this soul tie is by; First, seeking God, you can do this by reading the bible daily and listen to faith building messages.

Second, ask God to restore your soul to be whole again because he can do it according to Psalms 23:3, He restores my soul; he leads me in the paths of righteous for his name’s sake.

Third, fleeing from any temptation or desire to commit any sexaul sin. Sexual sin includes fornication, adultery, masturbation, watching pornography videos, reading pornography magazines among others. Just flee from it because the flesh is weak and it easily falls into temptations. In Genesis 39;12, Joseph left his garment in her hands and fled and run away from his master’s wife. Even Joseph could not trust his body so he flee and run away from temptation. So flee 🏃

Fourthly, If you have any thought tempting you to commit any sexual sin, you can defeat that thought by speaking scriptures from the bible with your mouth, use words to your advantage!!! I learnt that when you speak anything with your mouth, your mind will actually stop and listen to what you are saying! Try this and I promise you it works.

All in all, as much as you have a soul tie, you should not be motivated to break it by the desperate yearning of freedom from it. If freedom from it, is fueling your motivation to break free, then you never break free from it but you will continue to struggle. Your motivation should be to seek God, to know him and have a close relationship with him. Then is when he will deliver you from your wrong soul ties.

I hope this helps you break wrong soul ties in your life. Remember to like, comment and share this post. Ooh! and please follow my blog if you haven’t. Thank you and I love you to the moon and back for reading this❤❤❤

Xoxoxo Mimo.

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