My love affair with Aloe vera based products.

Hello my lovelies💋. Today I am going to do a skincare product review post, I have to admit I was inspired by to do this post, shout out to her by the way ❤

If you have been reading my post lately, you probably have noticed my obsession with skincare products particularly, the ones with Aloe vera (I have a major crush one them)😍. I mentioned that I purchased the Johnson’s Baby Jelly with Aloe vera and Vitamin E which so far, has been amazing on my skin. I would recommend you to purchase it especially if you have a dry skin. Thank me later 😉

This product was so good that not only, has it become a staple product in my beauty wardrobe but also, it made me go on a hunt for some more Aloe vera based skincare products. Guess what! Yes, I found myself some Aloe Vera gel and I am so excited💃💃 (Am I the only person who is always jumping for joy to try out a new skincare product or what?)

There it is …I have to admit that before I purchased it, I did some research about the product and the reviews I saw from people who have actually used it was impressive.

My own experience using the product was actually more than what I expected. The product is a gel which you are supposed to massage on the desired area you wish to apply. So after I massaged it on my face, it made my face kind of moist but after some seconds it dissolved leaving my skin feeling moisturised and fresh.

Honestly, I thought that my face would end up looking shinning after using this products like most products would do but that was not the case with Aloe vera gel. I have also noticed a dramatic change with my skin because it has become more soft and glowy and I am very pleased. I think aloe vera gel will definitely be a staple product for me because it is really working miracles on me.

My ratings.

Price: 4/5 , Its worth every penny.

Packaging: 3/5, No fuss screw cover is great, however, squeezy tube means less control over the product amount. Perhaps a version with a pump would reduce waste.

Repurchase: 5/5, definitely👌

Overall: 4/5

I hope this post comes in handy during your next skincare shopping. Remember to like, comment and share. This post is not sponsored by any brands reveiwed above. Thank you and I love you to the moon and back for reading this ❤❤❤

Xoxoxo Mimo.

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