My everyday bag essentials.

Hello my lovelies💋. Today I am so excited to share the everyday essentials I carry in my bag. Enjoy 🎀.

Recently, I had to shift my staff from one bag to another after a new purchase that is when I knew I carried a lot of crap in my bag. I sorted everything out and I thought that I should share with y’all my essentials. Besides, I really enjoy watching what’s in my bag videos in YouTube as well as reading such posts from various blogs. So here are my essentials.


First things first, the bag I am currently using is the Louis Vuitton Speedy 25 and I love it so much❤❤❤. I would honestly recommend it to anyone looking to buy a bag 👌


Off course a wallet. It is an essential to not only me but to everyone. I have a tan wallet and it carries my cash, cards, receipts among other things.

Phone and earphones

These two for me come in very handy, they are basically twins. I use my phone oftenly and thank God for earphones right! As an introvert I can zone out anytime…


I am short sighted and I do not use eye contacts so naturally, I have spects with pink frames (love them so much by the way). This is an everyday essential in my bag.

Book and pen

I carry a notebook and a pen in my bag this is because, I tend to forget most of the great ideas I come up with in my head. So I do a lot of writing when my creativity flows effortlessly.


The only makeup product I tend to reach out for, most of the time is my matte lipstick. Its a nude colour and I wear it almost everyday.


This is a no brainer, I carry my room keys in my bag evertime. If I didn’t I would probably end up locked outside😂😂

Hair tie

I have an afro and unlike others I love wearing my afro loosely. Because of this my hair tie is kind of different from most people and it is an essential in my bag.


I have a dry skin because of this I carry my travel size Aloe vera gel to keep me moisturised and looking bomb👌

This marks the end of my everyday bag essentialls. I hope you enjoyed it, if so like this post and share it. I would really love to know what you guys think and what you carry in your bags, kindly leave a comment in my comment section. Thank you and I love to the moon and back for reading this ❤❤❤

Xoxoxo Mimo

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