Beauty tips from the banana peel??

Hello my lovelies 💋. Im back with more natural ways to make you look good. Enjoy…

Recently, I have been on a hunt for a natural product that is affordable to most people and does miracles for the skin… of course, I bumped into some common stuff like aloe vera, papaya, honey among others. I only stopped when I discovered benefits of the banana peel…Yes! I know this sound crazy! The banana peel not the banana just incase you thought I had mistaken😌

I am aware that we are already know that bananas are healthy and packed with nutrients, antioxidants and what not. But, I bet most of y’all (including me) didn’t know the amazing skincare benefits it’s peel provides. Guess we are all learning as we move along ❤

Beauty tips with banana peels

  • Lighten acne scar

A ripe organic banana has to be cut into small pieces and then, the peel has to be removed. The size of the peel will be now convenient and tou can use them as your natural acne pads. Rub the inside of the banana peel on the affected zone until it tutns brown. Repeat this thrice a day and it will not only sooth the skin but also lighten the acne scars.

  • Whiten your teeth

Sick of yellow teeth? Good! Try rubbing a banana peel daily on your teeth at least for a minute and your teeth will sparkle with a whitish glow.

  • Brighten complexion

By rubbing your entire face with organic banana peel, will help you restore the glow on your face and also give whitening affects. This is because of all the minerals and vitamins packed in the peel.

  • End pimples

Massage your face and even body with banana peels to keep pimples at bay. The more consistent you are the more likely you are to see a difference within a month.

  • Wipe out the wrinkles

Besides, rubbing your face with the insides of an organic banana peel and rinsing it off with cold water before you go to bed. You can also alternate that with a nourishing anti-aging face mask. This is achieved by mixing an egg yolk with an organic together, apply it on a cleansed face and wait for at least 10 minutes before rinsing it off.

  • Palliate puffy eyes and lighten dark circles

Collect the internal white fibers present in the inside of an organic banana by scraping a spoon along the surface. Mix the fibres with pure aloe vera gel to form a smooth paste and apply it around the eyes chill for 15 minutes and wash it of with cool water. Aloe vera soothes and moisturizes while the potassium content of the peels helps do away with yhe dark circles, under eye bags and puffiness.

This marks the end of this post, I hope you learnt something new that will make you think twice before throwing away a banana peel. I’d love to hear from you guys 🙈 please leave a comment on the comment section below also, remember to like and share this post (it really means a lot me). Thank you and I love you to the moon and back for reading this ❤❤❤

Xoxoxo Mimo.


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