God’s tailored made plan for you 🌸

 Decide, commit, act, succeed, repeat…😉

Hello my lovelies💋. I hope y’all are alright and doing fine as we begin May. Today I am so motivated and catapulted to inspire y’all to be the best version of yourself as well as to live your dreams. Yeah!! lets call it motivation monday 💪

Lately I have been watching alot of motivating and inspiring videos from youtube more specifically Terri Savalle and Absolute Motivation and I can proudly say that I have learnt so much and I am so excited to share with my amazing readers; y’all know the saying …a candle does not lose its light by lighting another candle…😉

From the title, I bet you are curious to know the plan God has for you. According to Jeremiah 1:5; I knew yo before I formed you in your mother’s womb. Before you were born I set you apart and appointed you as my spokesman to the world. God has a special plan for your life in the same way the devil also has a plan for your life infact it is customed designed to appeal to your weaknesses and vulnerability, it is also aimed at dragging you away from God’s plan for your life. This documented in John 10:10 ; The thief’s purpose is to kill, steal and destroy.

The devil knows each for us very well infact he knows our strongholds and our weakness. So he will continuely tempt our weakness with the intention of dragging us from our sole purpose, that is God’s plan.

For us to beat him, we have to know our weak areas in life be it men, women, alcohol, drugs e.t.c. After identifying our weakness we have to work on them, remember! ignoring them wont make them go away. So if you want a lasting change, you have to give up the idea of trying something and commit to mastering something it.

I am going to make it very simple for you, first all your gifts, talents and hobbies are not coincidental they are all made to help you fulfill God’s purpose for you here on earth. Second, the devil is not pleased with you accompling your God given here on earth so he will do anything in his power to make you lose your focus and ultimately, your purpose; he does this by taking advantage of all your weaknesses. Third, for you to stay strong and beat the devil’s plan, you have to know  yourself thoroughly especially all your weaknesses. Master your emotions and find a permanent way to deal with them because your weakness, if left unattended to, will lead to your destruction.

I hope this message though short, enlightens you to accomplish your dreams, that is, God’s tailor made plan for your life and work on your weakness. Remember to like, share and comment on this post. Thank you and I love you to the moon and back for reading this ❤❤❤

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