Get cozzy with me!!

…love yourself baby, be your biggest cheerleader ❤…

Hello my lovelies💋. I hope y’all are warm and snuggly in this cold weather especially if you are currently in Nairobi. Inspired by this chilly weather, I decided to do a get cozzy with me post, so put on your favorite socks, grab a blanket and a hot cup of chocolate and enjoy…

Basically, what I mean by get cozzy with me is lets chat!! Let me give you guys and update of everything from what I am currently watching, reading. What I am obsessed with in the beauty and skincare, not forgetting fashion and the on going trends.
I am currently living in Nairobi and boy is it freezing, well not exactly snow and ice but you get the whole idea 💁. Getting away from the weather channel 😅 and tunning into fashion, I have always been a fanatic of the color peach which is a light shade of pink. But recently I couldn’t help but notice the color has been HUGE this spring, I mean, all the fashion hauls and lebels have a lot of pink, from clothes to shoes to lipsticks (KKW) and even phones and laptops😄 how cute… right? I hope this trend doesn’t die anytime soon.

I have been watching a Netflix series called 13 reason why and I can say that Im quite entertained. Though the series has been trending on social media for all the negative reasons as well as getting a lot of backlash, I hope the storm passes. Getting into books, honestly, I have not been reading for entertainment or pleasure quite recently, on the contrary  I have been studying a lot because my exams will be coming very soon…so 📚📚📚 the law library has been my current chill zone lately.

I am obsessed with fashion mumblr and Freddy . They are both so inspiring and Yes! they both love peach and everything beautiful and cute yet so chic and sophisticated, so they both make it to my  list of guilty pleasure. I honestly cannot go to bed without either checking out their blogs or youtube channels or social media. Yeah!! when I say I am obsessed I am not kidding!! I am also keeping up with WWE, as usual payback was entertaining apart for the match between Roman Reigns and Brawn Strowman. It no secret I am and will always be a masive fan💃.

Unfortunately, this marks the end of my get cozzy with me tag, I hope you enjoyed please feel free to recommend me your favorite series as well as what you currently love in the comment section down below 👇. Remember to like, share and follow this blog. Thank you and I love you to the moon and back for reading this ❤❤❤

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