Hidden gems at the Coast!!

For this reason I remind you to fan into flames the gifts of God which is in you… 2 Timothy 1:6

Happy New Year my lovelies!! A new year comes with a new and fesh start. Today i am going to take you to the beautiful coastline of Kenya. I was fortunate enough to crossover to 2018 at the beach and I hope this post inspires you to visit the beach at your most convenient😄.

If you are new reader to my blog, welcome!!!😊. Let me give you a heads up, i am a lover and a fantatic of the beach life, i think its just a piece of heaven here on earth❤. I was fortunate enough to visited Kilifi and Watamu this New Year and truth be told it was nothing short of bliss, a fantasy come true. To be honest my words do not do any justice to the places. Sure!! I was born and raised at the coast but this experience was a whole other level. From the white sands, to the blue ocean, a reflection of the beautiful blue sky not to mention the tropical weather, Wooooo!!! Guys this is a vacation destination and a honeymoon location all at one place indeed a hidden gem and the best thing is that it was not crowded. My personal perferance is always a quite and private getaway and this just fit the tittle👌.

It all started as a joke, that we need to explore the different towns at the coast and have a feel of what each has to offer from the culture to the people, You Know!! We basically become local tourist😄 oooh!! the irony!!!😂😂😂 So first it was a road trip to Kilifi, I live in Miritini so we decided to use the Mazeras route, one hour later, we pulled up at a local joint in Kilifi only to discover this hidden gem of a place, STUNNING!!!😍👌 to say the least! I had so much fun at the beach from taking pictures, splashing water to chasing my silblings. Oooh!! the memories I made that day i will forever treasure in my heart❤.

The following day using the same route, we dared to go for a picnic in Watamu. This my friends, was the cherry of the cake🍰. I actually think Watamu is the most beautiful beach and trust me i have been to very many beaches, no wonder many people have their weddings there😍. Watamu is a hidden treasure in the outcast of Kilifi, hidden enough to be a private and quite getaway👌. The locals there are just chill and so kind, they really know how to have a great time, if you know what I mean. I geniunely had a blast in Watamu and made a lifetime of memories that i will forever treasure❤. I hope i to visit the place very soon.

I hope you enjoyed my first travel post of 2018 because i really enjoyed writting it. Hope it inspired you to travel to tropical destinations and also visit Watamu and Kilifi as well. Thank you for reading this, do not forget to like, comment and share this post. I love you to the moon and back for back for reading this. Xoxo Mimo💋

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