Believe in yourself!!

….If you think you are too small to make an impact, try sleeping with a mosquito….

Hello my lovelies!! I am back again and this time to inspire and motivate y’all to believe in yourself. Recently, i have been travelling a lot and i am still going to travel a lot and hopefully share my experience with yall. So I had a quite interesting weekend last week, I was blessed enough to plan a getaway trip with my friends for the weekend, the agenda been we were participating in the International Court of Justice moot.

That aside, i learnt alot from the event but more importantly, i learnt to believe in myself and be confident in what i have and not to doubt myself. Not believing in myself cost me alot, i wont lie, infact, if i could turn the hands of time back, I would go back, this time believing in myself and my research and i know the outcome would be amazing. Anyway, i do not regret anything and i take everytime as a learning opportunity. I can proudly stand to say, i am not the same person (i am better individual) through that experience. In addition, i am sharing my experience to help someone else who is doubting him or herself. It a win win on both ends!! What am i getting to you may ask…??? I feel like everyone of us is not perfect and it is okay!! What is not okay is someone not believing in themselves or having confidence in what he or she has, that is just not okay!! Trust me I am speaking from experience. WHAT YOU HAVE IS ENOUGH!!

Been a christian, i naturally gravitate to the bible to give examples, here are some; Remember the story of David (a boy with no formal training or experience in battle) , he battled against Goliath (the giant with years of training and experience in battle). Lets not forget Goliath had weapons as well as an armour while David only had a sling and 3 stones, he believed and had confidence in what he had and he used it and eventually killed Goliath by God’s name. Main lesson: what you have is enough,God wants to work with that!! just belief in yourself.

Another example is in the story of Moses delivering the Israelites. When God called him to deliverhis people, all he had was excuses to God about what he did not have, yet God called him to use what he already had! God told him to drop the staff on his hand and it turned into a snake and when he picked it up to turned back into the staff. And that was the first miracle, God used in delivering the Israelites. Main lesson: what you already have is enough!! God want to work with that! Stop giving excuses for what you do not have!!!

I could go on and on until infinity, but sadly i have to end there. I geniunely hope i have influenced someone to belief in what he or she already has and change their perception about their current situation. Until next time, Thank you and i love you to the moon and back for reading this. Please like, comment, subscribe and share.

Xoxo Mimo!!

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