My love affair with….

…My grace is sufficient for you: for my strength is made perfect in weakness….2 Cor 12:9

Hellloooo my lovelies💋. Am back and this time with the first skincare/product review post of the year, lets divide right in, shall we? As you guys already know, I am a huge fanatic of skincare. At first it was aloe vera (i still love it) but currently i have been obsessed with coconut oil…. I am only loyal to what benefits and helps me in general and recently coconut oil just fit prefectly into that description.

So far so good, i have already started seen a lot of changes on my body and I am very happy that is why i am so excited to share this post with all you guys.

First, i noticed that coconut oil does not work for everyone especially if one has an oilly skin, personally i have dry akin and it does wonders for my skin, so i guess people with dry skin are most suited for coconut oil.


For my skin, I apply it all over my body especially on the areas with strech marks, i tend to massage the oil on the area and true to its nature the strech marks are disappearing and I am so pleased😊.

In addition to this, coconut oil moisturises my skin as well as protects it from the harsh UV rays, yes! It does contain sunscreen, my prefect type of oil. Coconut oil is also a natural deoderant and I use it to help fight bad odour.


Again, not everyone is best suited with coconut oil, i would advice one to get to know about both their skin type as well as their hair type before investing in the oil. As for me, my hair and skin are dry thus coconut oil work best for me. It does wonders for me.

Here are other benefis of coconut oil.

Thats it for today i hope this inspires you to take good care of your skin and hair. Please like, comment and subscribe to my blog. Thank you for reading this, stay grateful and blessed.

Xoxo Mimo.

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