Hike it up!?

Fill your life with adventure not things. Have stories to tell not stuff to show…

Hellooo my lovelies….im back….. So far i have been very busy but I finally found time to write this piece and i am so excited.

Nairobi is the beautiful capital city of my beloved country Kenya. In Nairobi or rather on the outcasts of Nairobi lies a rather popular town to the nairobians called Ongai Rongai. Now Ongai rongai is mostly chararcterzied by it famous means of transport which are big, colourful buses that are always loud playing “cool music”. They are well decorated with grafity deplicting the pop culture, from Cardi B to Kimnye to famous footballers and even cartoons…..you name it , they’ve got it painted.

My weekend was very blissful to say the least, courtesy of a graceful visit to this town. My friends and i planned a hike to the enchanted Rolf’s Place….a beautiful hotel in the middle of a national park. The hike was much needed since i hardly hit the gym….futhermore, the heavens were in our favour, after a whole week of thunder storm, it did not rain not even a single droplet on that particular day.

The hike started at around 3:00pm and from the game park, we had a very beautiful view of city at large….it was then that i stopped and appreciated mother nature…..i really had to, it was breathtaking to say the least, i really regret no taking shot.

After some hours of sweeting, laughing and giggling we arrived at the entrance of Rolf’s Place and there laid the famous bridge extended approximately 10 feet above a huge deep river. It was a really beautiful scence though very dangerous. I am still proud of myself for crossing it considering i am frightened by hieghts

The hotel was amazing from paint balling to swimming not to mention the amazing safari park inspired decoŕ, good food and amazing customer service. This place could not do a wrong in my books.

So thats marks the end of this post, I hope to be doing move travel related posts and reviews. Remember to like, comment and share this post. Thank you and i love you to the moon and back for reading this. Until next time….

Xoxo Mimo

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