The Daily Dew💧

Hello my loves!!! It’s been a while but now I’m back and this time it is on a daily. Yes, I have made major changes to the blog, we have upgraded and we finally have our own domain name which is I am so excited about

The content of the blog, however, will have some twicks as you can see from the tag line. I hope that my content will bring rejuvenating inspiration to you from the word of God, encourage and love to those who are depressed as well as help you to build your faith in Jesus Christ everday.

I plan to tackle different topics that are dear and near to my heart, some of which include- stewardship/ management, how to get out of depression and oppression, relationships and reigning in life generally. I am also open to any requests or suggestions of what topics to you would want me to cover. I am currently creating a detailed journal to aid your walk in faith, so I’ll also share the journey and process of creating one, I intend on selling the same to ya’ll, I hope you love it.

During this unprecedented times, themed with a pandemic backdrop, it has not been been easy for most. We have all had to change in so many ways to be able to continue to reign in life. I do know there are many times when I broke down depressed, but the Lord has been faithful and His graces are new every morning, we just have to trust Him and be patient with ourselves. It is not a secret that the urgent cry for encouragement, inspiration and hope has been on the rise. So through the daily dew to plan to share the same.

I do apologise for temporarily disappearing as I had issues of my own to deal with. Though I’d love to send a shout out to those who still read my posts, share and like them. You guys are the best. The Lord bless all of You.

❤ Mimo

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