And they said to one another, “Truly we are guilty regarding our brother [Joseph], because we saw the distress and anguish of his soul when he pleaded with us [to let him go], yet we would not listen [to his cry]; so this distress and anguish has come on us.” Reuben answered them, “Did I not tell you, ‘Do not sin against the boy’; and you would not listen? Now the accounting for his blood is required [of us for we are guilty of his death].” They did not know that Joseph understood [their conversation], because he spoke to them through an interpreter. He turned away from his brothers and [left the room and] wept; then he returned and talked with them, and took Simeon from them and bound him in front of them [to be kept as a hostage in Egypt]. Then Joseph gave orders [privately] that their bags be filled with grain, and that every man’s money [used to pay for the grain] be put back in his sack, and that provisions be given to them for the journey. And so this was done for them. They loaded their donkeys with grain and left from there. And at the lodging place, as one of them opened his sack to feed his donkey, he saw his money in the opening of his sack. And he said to his brothers, “My money has been returned! Here it is in my sack!” And their hearts sank, and they were afraid and turned trembling to one another, saying, “What is this that God has done to us?” Genesis 42: 21-28(AMP)

In our world today, unconditional love is more of theology and less of reality, hate, anger and envy instead dominates the family, what was supposed to the heart of the community is now considered a forced toxic relationship that everyone can’t wait to get out off. Divorce is at an all time high even within the church, siblings live estranged to each other and even parents and their own children often have a falling out that takes years to mend.

However, there is hope as we can see in the story of Joseph. Despite the fact that Joseph was betrayed by his brothers and sold as a slave into a foreign land and lived a horrible life he still blessed his brothers when they came to buy grain, he gave it to them for free while other people bought it at a price. However he did it anonymously and his brothers still did not recognize him as Joseph.

As we have already see in the previous devotions Joseph is a shadow of Jesus Christ. Today’s devotion is an accurate picture of what is going today, the Jews then betrayed Jesus Christ and delivered him to the Romans to be killed in gruesome way. Three days later He rose again and He is now sited on high and the right hand of God, the current Jews/Israelites don’t believe in Him, one may say they do not recognize Him.

Despite this, our Lord Jesus Christ continues to prosper the nation of Israel. The Israelites in today are most blessed nation from having the most recipients of the noble peace prize, to having the world richest man, to having a wealth of scientists, to successful actors and actress among other successes. All these, despite the fact that it is the world’s most rejected nation. I think its obvious we can attribute it blessing to Jesus Christ. Despite been rejected and hurt by them, He still uses His power to bless them. Such is unconditional love.

When Joseph’s brothers later discovered that their money was returned to them, they were shocked and scared. They trembled as their heart sank. Beloved, it is very important to learn that you cannot earn the Lord’s blessings, no amount of money or charity can buy you His Salvation. Just like the brothers of Joseph who did not know who put their money back. So does Israel lack a revelation of the origin of their success. Despite the pain he suffered, Joseph love his brothers unconditionally, infact hd blessed them by giving them free food to yhe point that they began to tremble in fear. Joseph blessed his enemies, he loved them unconditionally. Because Joseph is a shadow of Christ Jesus, this a beautiful truth picture of how the Lord loves us despite what atrocities we commit, His love is unconditional.

Meditate on: Jesus Christ loves you unconditionally.

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