You shall live in the land of Goshen [the best pasture land of Egypt], and you shall be close to me—you and your children and your grandchildren, your flocks and your herds and all you have. There I will provide for you and sustain you, so that you and your household and all that are yours may not become impoverished, for there are still five years of famine to come.”’ Genesis 45:10-11(AMP)

Today’s devotion is so precious. I love the amazing picture it paints in my mind. Here is Joseph who suffered untold pain physically, emotionally and psychologically because of his brothers. He became a slave from his former state of being born into a wealthy family and being his father’s favourite son. That must have been traumatic compared to another slave who was born into slavery. Joseph kept honouring the Lord but his situation only got worse. He was thrown into prison, there he suffered a lot they put iron and fetters on him.

Despite all the pain and suffering, he still served in prison and interpreted the dreams of the king’ butler and baker and later he got promoted to be the second most powerful man in the planet. This is because Egypt was the most powerful country on earth during that ancient period in time. Instead of seeking revenge for what his brothers did to him, he forgave them and even wanted to have a close intimate relationship with them.

For most people, forgiveness would be unthinkable. If Joseph were like this, then the Lord would never allow Him to ascend to power because he would have eliminated the founders of the twelve tribes of Israel, Judah been among them from which David and Jesus Christ descended from. People who remain victims are bitter with vengeance. There own bitterness defiles their heart and causes them to miss the amazing destiny God had for them.
Others might forgive, however, wanting a relationship with the person who caused so much pain to them is far out of touch for them. But their is another group of special people like Joseph who are perfected in love, that they have a godly nature, so forgiveness and loving others especially those who hurt them is but the only way to live. These people love like they’ve never been hurt before.

The entire bible is about Jesus Christ. Joseph is a shadow of Christ Jesus, in this story and it reveals an elegant of Christ Jesus, welcoming His Jewish brothers to His kingdom, the same ones who crucified Him, the Pharisees and Scribes. An image of the risen Messiah with His arms open wide, I see the huge holes that proved His finished work. He is not only welcoming His Jewish brothers but also all those He died for, all of us. It is our sins that nailed Him to the cross. He took our place and become the sinner and cursed One, so that today and everyday we are the beloved, blessed and favoured children of God. Yet despite all we put Him through, He arms are stretched out wide open to welcome us to His Kingdom. But it doesn’t end there He want to have a personal relationship with us.

The Lord goes on to promise that in that place of nearness (Goshen) we shall live and be close to Him, close to His heart. We who were the former enemies of God. Our El Shaddai goes to declare that from the intimacy of our relationship with Him, from Goshen. He shall provide for us and sustain us along with our families so that we don’t become impoverished in this world. What an amazing Saviour, what a loving and merciful God. Bless the name of the Lord, Ooh you redeemed of the Lord.

Meditate on:
• People who remain victims are bitter with vengeance. There own bitterness defiles their heart and causes them to miss the amazing destiny God had for them.
• God has forgiven us because of Jesus Christ’s finished work at the cross, we are to live in an intimate relationship with Him everyday.

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