When Joseph came home, they brought into the house to him the present [of tribute] which they had with them and bowed to the ground before him. He asked them about their well-being, and said, “Is your old father well, of whom you spoke? Is he still alive?” And they answered, “Your servant our father is in good health; he is still alive.” And they bowed down [their heads before Joseph] in respect.And he looked up and saw his brother Benjamin, his mother’s [only other] son, and said, “Is this your youngest brother, of whom you spoke to me?” And Joseph said, “God be gracious to you and show you favor, my son.” Then Joseph hurried out [of the room] because his heart was deeply touched over his brother, and he sought privacy to weep; so he entered his chamber and wept there. Then he washed his face and came out, and, restraining himself, said, “Let the meal be served.” Genesis 43: 26-31 (AMP)

Imagine your enemies, the ones that hate you enough to kill you, but in order to earn a profit off your misery they opted to sell you as a slave to complete strangers, instead. Just imagine now the identity of these enemies happen to be your family, your older siblings. This was what Joseph faced, the untold pain of rejection and betrayal by his siblings. One may argue that it would hurt much less if the traitor were a friend or a stranger with no blood ties. Or perhaps the pain would significantly be reduced if Joseph was killed instead of been sold off as a slave at least then he wouldn’t have to relive the memory of his rejection and betrayal by his very own brothers who were supposed to protect, encourage and inspire him but did the exact opposite.

Fast forward to the present day, the same brothers appeared before Joseph in his house with gifts and they bowed down before him. It is in moments like this that truly unveil our nature and character which is the essence of who we are. Moments where we are no longer in distress begging for mercy from our enemies instead we possess the power and it is now our enemies who are on their knees bowing before us.

Let’s see what kind of man Joseph is. He seeks for not only their well-being but also their father but seeing his youngest brother, that made him break into tears he had to excuse himself. I can only imagine what that must have left like. God was in motion restoring relationships that were lost as a result of the betrayal. Joseph met Benjamin and was moved, his mother’s only other son, he blessed him and run off to cry. He was healing from the hurt and pain of missing out on a relationship with His little brother, when he was sold off, by his brothers, Benjamin was probably a baby.

Regardless of the pain, after weeping he returned Joseph returned only to give orders that the food be served. Most people would order that his brothers be imprisoned because of what they did to him. The mere presence of Benjamin, was enough evidence of the pain they caused him for many years but instead he serves his enemies a feast.

This story reminds me of Elijah/ Elisha who was surrounded by an army that was meant to kill him, he cursed them with blindness and later when their sight returned, he gave orders for them to be served. This is the heart of God. He is so full of love and forgiveness that He gave His Son Christ Jesus to pay for our sins so that we would not be condemned to death. Today God still serves His enemies a feast. His enemies being you and I because it was our sins that put Christ Jesus at the cross and today, because of Christ Jesus finished work we are adopted by God Himself as His children into His family and He is our good Father. He forever provides for all our needs abundantly according to His riches in glory in Christ.

Meditate on:
• Your character is very important to God and He will test you to just like Joseph in order to bless you. So when you’re blessed you’ll be able to bless your enemies especially.
• Serving is an act of love, so in essence your loving your enemy.

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