“Why did you seek Me? Did you not know that I must be about My Father’s business?” Luke 2:49 (NKJV)

We are all born with leadership potential and the capacity to develop that potential, but many will never discover, develop, or manifest that wonderful potential. A leader can be born at any age at any time. It could be point of pressure, overwhelming circumstances, tragedy or disaster, or when an individual discovers his or her true purpose and passion. You may discover your leadership potential while reading this blog post.

If you are like Jesus and you connected with your gift at 12 years old, the leader in you was born at that age. Do you know the Bible story? His parents had taken Him to Jerusalem for the Passover. Heading home , they panicked when they could not find Him in their caravan. The couple went back to the temple, where they found Him in dialogue with the teachers, amazing them with His questions and His insights. He chided His earthly parents for worrying. “Did you no know that I must be about My Father’s business (assignment)?”(see Luke 2:49)

His statement tells us He had discovered His gift. He was becoming Himself and taking on His assignment for the benefit of others. Everyone was born to lead, but everyone must become that leader, just as one is born male but requires a maturing process of become a “ man”— father, a husband, an elder.

A seed is a tree . The tree is its gift to the world . But for a seed bring forth its tree , it has to go through the process; the seed actually dies . For you and me to become what we are born , we have to put in an effort. The old self dies. Our greatness has to come out through he effort of serving. Serve means to manifest through effort It also means to perform.

True leaders never seek leadership. A sens of purpose that reveals their gift and inspires others to participate in their purpose drives them.

DR. Myles Monroe

Leadership in the lives of reluctant leaders or unlikely often comes from these two sources:

  • Circumstances and pressure.Leadership comes out of crisis, challenge and the cry of destiny.
  • Intentional training and development. Leadership grows out of opportunities projects.

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