You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies.  Psalm 23:5

There are times when you have no power to choose who sits across from you at the dinner table or at the desk of destiny or even who lives with you. What do you do when someone who opposes you or seems to hate you without cause occupies an office or shares your workspace, sits behind you in class, removes into the house next, door, or is a sibling so you live under the same roof? Abel, Joseph and David had a share of siblings as enemies.

You have the sam choice as Esther did the day she prepared a banquet for her husband, King Xerxes, and her new enemy, powerful Prime Minister Haman. She could either focus on the problem or focus on the solution.

She could darken her soul with views of her enemy’s impressive power base and unquenchable hatred, or she could fill her vision with a view of the king. Which channel will you tune in to?

Job 36:16
He is wooing you from the mouth of distress and confinement Into a broad place where there is no constraint or distress; And that which was set on your table was full of fatness (rich food)

Its very easy to complain about the enemy and his works of destruction, however focusing on the Lord, in the presence of the enemy that is what we should do.We often would like God to simply barge in and take over, but He sometimes works behind the scenes to see His purposes come to pass. Nothing attracts God’s presence and His intervening power like focused and single-minded worship. The problem is that most of us have genuine focus problems when it comes to worship. We want to cling to our problems and the past with one hand while ffering God a miniature handful of measured worship with the other.

Are you focused on your problems or on your Solutions? So we do you worship with your enemy at the same table? You focus on the King of Kings instead of your enemy!!

Meditate on: Job 36:16

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