So come, let us worship: bow before him, on your knees before God, who made us!
Oh yes, he’s our God, and we’re the people he pastures, the flock he feeds. Psalm 95:6-7

Have you ever wondered why people kneel down when they pray or worship? Well if you have, in today’s post I tackle the true origin of this practice and I hope it changes your mind about this and inspires you as you grow in knowledge of God, your Heavenly Father.

To kneel, is to lower yourself, to humble yourself. Kneeling is an act of submission. You’re submitting to another, to humble myself before the Almighty, to submit oneself to His will. This is what those who do this demonstrate.

Barach means to bless but it also means to kneel. And who is it that blesses more than anyone else? Whose nature is it to bless?” It is God! And what is the greatest blessing He gave?” Salvation . . . redemption . . . eternal life.” God’s nature is to bless, and the greatest blessing He could give is the blessing of salvation. But to bless is to barach, and to barach is to kneel, and to kneel is to lower yourself.” for God to give us the blessing of salvation, He has to lower Himself . . . ”

And to give us the greatest blessing, would require the greatest lowering of Himself, the greatest descending. He descended to this world and humbled Himself in the form of man and to kneel is to submit. And so He submitted Himself to man’s mockery, abuse, and condemnation. H submitted Himself to judgement, to crucifixion and to death—the ultimate lowering … the cosmic kneeling . . . the kneeling of God. The knee ing of God, comes the barach, the blessing, salvation. To bless kneeling And He who kneels is He who blesses. And in light of such blessing we can do nothing less than kneel before Him and bow down our lives.

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