All people are sent to the world with limitless credit, but few draw to their full extent.

There is the great hope, though, for the world as we recognize the potential and purpose in all people and things to be fulfiled by combining and putting some of the already-created things together in a new way. Don’t limit your potential by thinking that there is nothing new under the sun. Don’t give up until you have lived out the full extent of your potential, because you have no right to die with my things. Don’t rob the next generation of the wealth, treasures, and tremendous gifts buried deep within you.

  • If you want to succeed, strike out on paths. Don’t travel the worn paths of accepted success.
  • No one can climb beyond the limitations of his or her own belief. Every day sends to the grave obscure men and women whom fear prevented from realizing their true and full potential.
  • Failure is not the absence of success. Failure is the neglect of trying.
  • What you see is not all there is. There is potential in everything. What you have done is no longer your potential. Potential is what you can do but have not yet done.

Consider, for a moment, a rose. In the spring before the rose bush blooms, it is ugly. Thorns cover the stems and tiny, hard green things stick out among the leaves. After a few weeks, these little green things slowly begin to open until can see the colour of the petals Then the bud begins to open and the individual petals become visible. Still, the rose is not what it yet can be. It has not reached the height of its beauty. There comes a point when the fully opened rose reaches perfection. It can be no more beautiful. Its shape and color are in perfect harmony. After perfection is reached, death decay set in. The flowers whither and brown until the petals fall from the bush. It fulfills its purpose and then naturally dies. Nothing— and no one —should die until its purpose is fulfilled.

I hope this inspiring extract from Uncovering your potential by Dr. Myles Monroe inspires you to live out your God given dreams just as it did for me.

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