Hello my lovelies and welcome to my blog, Mimo’s world 💕. My name is Wendy Wairimu, I am a beloved child of Daddy God. Everything I write is birthed out of an inward motivation that flows directly from an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ. I therefore can’t help but share my faith in Jesus Christ.

I also love to travel and share tips on lifestyle. I absolutely enjoy meeting and connecting with others who may share the same passion and I also like discovering and learning new things from people .

This blog captures my journey of faith as a young Christian blogger, constantly growing in my talents and interests, fulfilling God’s purpose for my life as well as achieving all my dreams and goals one step at a time.

I hope to impact you with the gospel of Jesus Christ and keep you motivated and inspired. Please feel free to contact me for any suggestions of topics you what me to blog about, collaborations or even opportunities via:


Instagram; mimo_wendy

Remember you are deeply loved, greatly blessed and highly favoured by Daddy God.


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